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    SP Cargo is a speed parcel service. We rely on prompt delivery of goods.
    We have Parcel booking facility from MADURAI - CHENNAI

    Terms & Conditions

    Nature, Content , Conditions and value of the consignments are unknown to the UTS Speed Parcel ( herein after called the company ) All consignments accepted by the company for dispatch through the vehicle are carried entirely at owners risk.

    The Company is not responsible for the contents of packages if the packages are delivered in the same apparent condition in which they are tendered for dispatch by the consignor.

    Timing Departures of parcel and Arrivals are not Guaranteed and are subject to change without notice, However the parcel will be delivered within reasonable time at the delivery place.

    The consignor is liable for all consequences arising out of incorrect declaration of the contents of the consignments if such a wrong declaration is made then the consignor shall be responsible to compensate the company for all the damages and expenses caused by such wrong declaration .

    Dangerous and inflammable goods will not be carried.

    It is the duty of the consignor to obtain and furnish at the time of booking itself the requisite permits in the case of such commodities liable for excise duty. The Company shall not be responsible for any detention or seizure or confiscation of such commodities by any excise / sales tax of any other authority on suspicion or otherwise.

    No suit shall be filed against the company in respect of any consignment without 3 claim made in writing on that behalf and preferred within 15 days (1) from the date of booking (2) from the date of arrival at destination (3) public auction whichever is rate.

    Booked goods will be delivered only against production of original LR by the consignee.

    Booking of items such as cash, share certificates, gold jewellery, cheques, Demand Drafts, Mobile / Cell phones and banned items are not acceptable to the company and the company is not responsible for any compensation for the loss of the above items.

    Loading and unloading charges will be levied either at the parcel booking place or parcel delivery office for paid / to pay parcels as the case maybe.

    All other terms and conditions are subject to change at any time at the discretion of our company without any notice to the consigner / consignee.

    contraband articles are not permitted to carry in the vehicle. The Luggage / parcels owners will be sole responsibility in case any objectionable / contraband goods are found in the packages on checkup by Octroi, Excise and or any other authority.

    We don't hold any other responsibilities on the arrival of parcel / Luggage.

    Unloading charges to be borne by the receiving party.

    Luggage / parcels should be collected within 24 hours of its arrival , which the management is not responsible for the delivery.

    Your Luggage are collect within 3 days from the date of arrival later we are not responsible for your luggage.

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